Why Choose ScaleOut Over Redis®*

Can’t risk serving stale data?

Tired of configuration hassles?


ScaleOut StateServer® offers a better combination of features, always serves the latest data, is easy to manage, and has been battle-tested for more than a decade — with world-class support for the enterprise.

And … it now supports Redis clients as an execution platform!

When you are deploying a distributed cache to host your company’s mission-critical data, you need a product on which you can depend.

Unlike Redis, ScaleOut StateServer was designed from the ground up to host your mission-critical data with fast, scalable access and integrated high availability. Starting with version 5.11, it also serves as an execution platform for Redis clients and runs open-source Redis code for all five core data structures. Learn more.

When compared to Redis, here’s what sets ScaleOut StateServer apart:

  • Integrated distributed caching architecture — no need for a separate third-party add-on pack to handle sharding, scaling, and high availability
  • The industry’s leading ease of use with full GUI management, automatic configuration and dynamic load-balancing
  • Fully coherent data storage and access using patented quorum-based data replication so that cache updates are never lost
  • Integrated, shard-aware client support in Java, C#, and C++ with built-in, client-side caching.
  • WAN-based data replication (using optional ScaleOut GeoServer®) that automatically scales with your caching cluster
  • Advanced features for data analytics, including fully distributed MapReduce, and cluster-aware, server-side scripting in Java and C# with automatic code shipping


*Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. and the Redis box logo is a mark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by ScaleOut Software is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis and ScaleOut Software.
Faster than Redis
In recent benchmark testing, ScaleOut StateServer out-performed Redis and was shown to be easier to use. Read about the detailed testing and results.
Enterprise-Grade Support
ScaleOut Software offers optional, 24×7 support and has been ensuring our customers’ success since 2005.
Industry-Leading Architecture
Developed by experts in parallel computing, ScaleOut StateServer — unlike Redis — was designed as an integrated, distributed caching and computing platform.
Evaluation License
Download a 30-day evaluation license for your specific configuration or talk to our sales staff to structure an evaluation that meets your needs.


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What sets ScaleOut apart from Redis?

The answer is simple — architecture. Redis originally was designed to replace a SQL database with a single server, in-memory, data structure store to cache data generated by a local website. Its single process, single threaded design focused on combining data structure operations with an in-memory cache. However, the key features required by a distributed cache had to be bolted on later by third parties.

In contrast, ScaleOut StateServer was conceived as a scalable, distributed, in-memory data store with integrated data consistency, sharding, scaling, and high availability. This led to a robust, highly reliable architecture that incorporates the latest industry-leading technology and minimizes management costs.

Take a look at this ScaleOut StateServer versus Redis comparison:



Why It’s Important

Integrated architecture

Simplifies management; maximizes performance

Self-discovery & configuration

Simplifies management; auto. scales & recovers

Multicore support

Maximizes performance; reduces complexity

Sequential consistency

Required to host mission-critical information

Quorum-based replication

Ensures serving latest data with max. performance

Split-brain detection & recovery

Avoids serving duplicate or stale data

Adaptive, scalable heartbeating

Adapts to high latency; minimizes overhead

Coherent client cache

Simplifies application design; avoids stale data

Integrated client sharding

Simplifies apps. & management; enables interop.

Centralized GUI mgt.

Lowers management costs

Server-side Java, C# scripting

Allows distributed data structures; protects server

Auto-scaling WAN replication

Simplifies management; delivers best performance

Integrated parallel computing

Enables real-time analysis of grid data (e.g., MapRed)

Integrated ReactiveX operations

Enables scalable stream processing

In continuous production use & development for 21+ years

Ensures reliability for mission-critical applications

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