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Tracking Data for a Major U.S. Airline

A major U.S. airline needed an easy-to-use data management platform that could track passengers, flights, baggage, and other data critical to daily operations.

Helping Customers Succeed

Our goal at ScaleOut Software is to create in-memory computing products that improve the performance, scalability, and operational intelligence of our customers’ mission-critical applications. There have been a wide range of success stories resulting from the use of our products. We hope that sharing some of the ways our customers have deployed ScaleOut’s technology might give you a better idea of what’s possible.

“When looking at competing technologies, ScaleOut Software, is a much better value and it delivers consistently. They have also been a really great partner to us, taking our feedback seriously and helping to keep our data operations running smoothly.”

– Resource Development Manager

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“The fact that ScaleOut made everything so easy was a big confidence boost early on in the project.”

–Steve Craddock, Technical Architect 

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“ScaleOut StateServer functionality/performance is far better than SQL was.”

–Kristof Berger, Chief Software Architect

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“…SOSS gives us the opportunity to build what we want. And we know that it scales well.”

–Patrik Corneliusson, CTO

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“We are particularly impressed with the performance and scalability. We’ve never had downtime issues with ScaleOut StateServer…”

–Alex Abramov, Engineering Director

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“It’s an incredible speed improvement…”

–Shawn Tolidano, Director of Internet Technology

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“We were facing serious performance and scalability issues in our web farms supporting over 160 uniquely branded websites. ScaleOut StateServer off-loads our database and provides us with the high-availability our site requires.”

Mark Sullivan, Director of IT

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“Our online applications are an important competitive edge for us, making high performance a key requirement and loss of data unacceptable. After trying other solutions, we moved all our session data to ScaleOut StateServer to get its dual benefits of scalable performance and high availability. Implementation was a breeze and we really like the SOSS management tools. We’ve been running SOSS non-stop for nearly a year and plan to expand our use of distributed caching in the near future.”

Bill Boerwinkle, .NET Architect

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