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In-Memory Data Grids
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In-Memory Data Grids

In-Memory Data Grids Enable Application Scaling

Developing fast, scalable applications requires that rapidly changing application data is always instantly accessible, even as workloads continue to grow. An in-memory data grid (IMDG) tackles this challenge using a distributed software architecture that stores object-oriented data in memory across a cluster of commodity servers. Adding servers increases both storage capacity and throughput.

ScaleOut’s industry-leading IMDG cluster architecture provides a fast, scalable, highly-available, and easy-to-use data storage layer. Its automated load-balancing and recovery reduce management costs, and its patented high availability deliver a unique combination of strong data consistency and high performance. ScaleOut’s IMDG technology is purpose-built for hosting scalable, in-memory data storage, whether it’s a distributed cache, Redis in-memory database, or in-memory object store for business logic state.


Redis Database

ScaleOut’s in-memory data grid creates a breakthrough clustering architecture for Redis by hosting open-source Redis code that implements a Redis database. Redis users now have automated cluster management, strong data consistency, and multi-threaded command execution.


Distributed Caching

IMDGs optionally can be used as a distributed cache to offload databases and other disk-based storage, for example, to store session state or shopping carts within large web farms. Using an IMDG reduces access latency and eliminates scalability bottlenecks.


The Big Three

The power of in-memory grids can only be unlocked with an architecture that delivers what operational systems need: low-latency, scalability, and high availability.

Low Latency

The most important requirement for scalable business logic is low latency for fast data access. In-memory data grids deliver low latency using in-memory data storage, scalable computing techniques, and integrated, client-side caching. This architecture tracks fast-changing data generated by live systems, enabling mission-critical applications to maintain consistently low response times regardless of the workload.


Scalability and low latency work hand in hand. Scalability keeps latency low as the workload grows, enabling fast results in all situations. ScaleOut’s in-memory data grid architecture uses multi-core and data-parallel computing techniques to enable seamless scalability just by adding servers. ScaleOut automatically load-balances in-memory data storage across all available servers, maximizing throughput and ensuring low latency.

High Availability

What sets in-memory data grids apart are their integration into live, production systems — mission-critical systems that require 24/7 availability. For more than a decade, ScaleOut has been deploying in-memory data grids in these demanding environments. Our fifth generation in-memory architecture ensures that data is never lost and computations always complete —  even if a server fails.


Run on multiple operating systems and leverage industry-standard APIs.

ScaleOut’s products are designed to run on multiple operating systems; C-based server code delivers seamless portability and maximum performance at native speed everywhere.


Designed with a focus on simplifying application development and deployment: it just works.

More than a decade of customer success from award-winning software

ScaleOut’s products were designed by experts in parallel computing to maximize ease of use and have been refined by a decade of customer engagements.

Combines power and ease of use

ScaleOut’s in-memory data grid technology was built from the ground up for use in mission-critical systems. It delivers blazing performance with low TCO.

Application scaling made simple

ScaleOut uses advanced techniques (such as maintaining sequential consistency) to simplify the use of in-memory data storage and distributed caching. This makes applications both straightforward to write and fast.

GUI-based management tools

ScaleOut’s Management Console and ScaleOut Management Pack keep management tasks painless. Manage your in-memory data grid and track its performance from a central location. Take advantage of an industry-leading object browser.

Automation baked-in

ScaleOut’s products use dynamic load balancing to transparently scale performance; just add servers as your workload grows. All aspects of in-memory data storage incorporate high availability for uninterrupted operation.

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