In-Memory Computing for
Operational Intelligence

ScaleOut Software’s mission is to develop and license leading-edge software and services that incorporate scalable, in-memory computing technology to provide operational intelligence for our customers with ease-of-use, peerless support, and cost-effectiveness. Our vision is to help our customers significantly increase the value of their operational systems by deploying in-memory computing technology that provides operational intelligence.

Pioneers in Scalable, In-Memory Computing

For the past decade, ScaleOut Software has been developing leading-edge software technology for in-memory data storage and integrated, real-time computing. Here are some key milestones in our history:

2005: ScaleOut Software releases ScaleOut StateServer, a scalable, highly available, in-memory data grid that eliminated bottlenecks in the storage of fast-changing data within server farms and other operational systems.

2007: ScaleOut extends this technology with ScaleOut GeoServer to integrate in-memory data grids across multiple data centers.

2008: ScaleOut first integrates in-memory computing with in-memory data storage using high performance computing technology to offer real-time analytics and feedback — operational intelligence; this product is now called ScaleOut StateServer Pro.

2013: ScaleOut introduces ScaleOut hServer, the first in-memory, API-compatible, Hadoop MapReduce execution engine that brings the power of operational intelligence to the Hadoop platform.


ScaleOut Software’s products are in production use at hundreds of customers worldwide. Every day tens of millions of data grid operations are handled quickly and reliably by our products for a wide range of applications across many industries, including e-commerce, financial services, media services, transportation, telecommunication, energy, and many others.

From the company’s inception, our development process has focused on working closely with our customers to identify their requirements and deliver software technology that meets their needs. We continuously strive to deliver leading-edge products that significantly increase the effectiveness of our customers’ mission-critical systems by leveraging our technology leadership in in-memory computing.

Technical Leadership

ScaleOut’s products have been designed by leaders in scalable, in-memory computing and experts in API development. For more than a decade, ScaleOut Software has introduced patented, industry-leading technology that combines high performance, high availability, and ease of use and is specifically targeted for operational systems.


Dr. William L. Bain

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

ScaleOut Software was founded in 2003 by Dr. William L. Bain. Bill has a Ph.D. (1978) in electrical engineering/parallel computing from Rice University, and he has worked at Bell Labs research, Intel, and Microsoft. Bill founded and ran three start-up companies prior to joining Microsoft. In the most recent company (Valence Research), he developed a distributed Web load-balancing software solution that was acquired by Microsoft and is now called Network Load Balancing within the Windows Server operating system. Dr. Bain holds several patents in computer architecture and distributed computing. As a member of the screening committee for the Seattle-based Alliance of Angels, Dr. Bain is actively involved in entrepreneurship and the angel community.

David Brinker


Dave has over 25 years of software industry experience in a variety of operational, sales and financial executive roles in both public and private companies. Prior to joining ScaleOut Software, Dave was CEO/Chairman at Webridge, Inc., a pioneer in secure extranets. As an early employee of Mentor Graphics, he started up Asian operations and grew Mentor’s Pacific business to more than $80M while stationed in the Japan headquarters. Near the end of his twelve years at Mentor he managed the worldwide field organization, a $400M software sales and consulting business. In addition to raising capital and selling two private businesses, Dave holds a CPA Certificate and spent his early years at KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Dan McMillan

Vice President of Sales - Core Products

Dan has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and channel management in high-technology companies. Prior to joining ScaleOut Software, he spent six years at Microsoft managing partners and field sales. At Valence Research, Dan was Director of Sales and helped lead the company to profitability and eventual acquisition by Microsoft. Earlier in his career, he held sales positions within the transportation services and telecommunications industries. Dan holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Oregon State University.

Kevin Lasswell

Vice President - Advanced Engineering Solutions

Kevin brings more than 20 years’ experience delivering revenue-driven business strategies that align technologies with real business value. Prior to joining ScaleOut, he served as director of business development for Software AG, where he was responsible for channel initiatives across North America. His career spans leadership positions in sales and business development with MoneyGram International, TIBCO Software, Arcot Systems, NetApp and Cisco Systems. Kevin also co-founded ReddShell Corporation, which was acquired by Ambiron Trustwave in 2007. Kevin holds a BSEE from Arizona State University.

Mark Waterman

Senior Director of Engineering

Mark has worked in the software industry since 1997 with a focus on enterprise development, performance tuning, and system integration. Prior to ScaleOut Software, Mark was a lead developer at Washington Mutual and a Senior Software Engineer at Harland Financial Solutions. Since joining ScaleOut Software in 2005, he has led the development team and has worked with dozens of customers to help improve their software’s performance and reliability. He holds a BA in philosophy from Yale University.

Oleg Shmytov

Senior Director of Engineering

Oleg Shmytov has more than two decades of experience in building high performance distributed systems. Prior to joining ScaleOut Software, he led the architecture team at Interlinq Software in building a complex loan origination platform. At ScaleOut Software, Oleg manages the development of best-in-class in-memory grid solutions used by hundreds of customers around the world. He holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering from Saint Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University in Russia, where he also did postgraduate research in neural networks.

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