ScaleOut GeoServer® DR

  • Protect against data center failures with WAN replication.

ScaleOut GeoServer®

  • Add seamless global access and data migration.

Integrate Multiple Data Centers for Disaster Recovery and Global Access

Enterprises often use multiple data centers to spread out the workload and provide a hedge against data center-wide outages. ScaleOut GeoServer extends the power of ScaleOut’s in-memory data grid across multiple sites to keep mission-critical data continuously available — and to allow seamless access worldwide.

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Site-Wide Protection

Ensuring 24/7 Uptime

ScaleOut’s in-memory data grid (IMDG) gives you fast data access, scalability, and high availability with distributed, memory-based data storage. But what if the entire data center goes down due to a power failure or catastrophic event? A solid disaster recovery strategy requires handing off the workload to another, healthy data center to avoid service interruptions if the worst occurs.

ScaleOut GeoServer DR (a subset of ScaleOut GeoServer) seamlessly integrates into this recovery strategy by automatically synchronizing the contents of ScaleOut’s in-memory data grids (IMDGs) at up to eight sites. This product continuously replicates updates to memory-based data from a local IMDG to one or more remote IMDGs, keeping fast-changing workloads protected against site-wide failures.

For example, leading e-commerce companies store shopping carts in ScaleOut’s IMDG and use ScaleOut GeoServer DR to replicate them between multiple data centers. If disaster strikes, they shift online customers to an alternative data center using their global load balancer to let them continue shopping without interruption.

ScaleOut GeoServer DR replicates data between remote data centers.

Fast, Asynchronous Replication

ScaleOut GeoServer DR was designed to replicate updates to live data as fast as possible and with minimal impact on access performance. It uses asynchronous, pipelined, “push” replication, which quickly delivers updates to remote sites while avoiding delays to local accesses. It also automatically scales network bandwidth as servers are added to the IMDGs to handle growing workloads.

Optional SSL Support

Replicated data is fully protected from intrusion using either a virtual private network or optional, secure socket connections (SSL).

Support for “Live-Live” Configurations

ScaleOut GeoServer DR fully supports bi-directional replication, allowing all data centers to fully participate in handling the workload.

Global Data Access

Transparently Access Data from Remote Sites

ScaleOut GeoServer adds breakthrough technology to ScaleOut GeoServer DR that seamlessly combines in-memory data grids (IMDGs) at multiple sites into one, “virtual” IMDG, enabling fully transparent access, regardless of where the data is stored. Now IMDGs can be interconnected to provide remote data access and automatic data caching across sites on demand.

For example, using ScaleOut GeoServer, satellite offices for a financial services company can quickly access portfolio information from an IMDG in the home office in a different city. To minimize access latency and make efficient use of the wide area network, ScaleOut GeoServer caches data at remote sites, and it automatically updates cached data as changes occur.

ScaleOut GeoServer DR replicates data between remote data centers.

Migrate Data on Demand

With ScaleOut GeoServer, now IMDGs can transparently span multiple sites, automatically migrating data between sites on demand. Applications use the grid’s familiar distributed locking APIs to pull data from a remote site and ensure that updates are fully synchronized. This powerful feature takes ScaleOut GeoServer beyond global data access to full global data integration.

Global data integration introduces amazing new opportunities, such as “cloud bursting.” In periods of high demand, an application can expand its server farm and IMDG into a public cloud to handle transient peak load. For example, an e-commerce application can direct client requests to both on-premise and cloud-based servers and let ScaleOut GeoServer transparently migrate shopping carts where they are needed as access requests occur.


ScaleOut GeoServer enables “cloud bursting” for an on-premise application

Focus on Ease of Use

Easy to Deploy

ScaleOut GeoServer was designed to provide cutting-edge technology that’s both powerful and easy to use. Installation simply requires connecting a local IMDG to one or more remote sites and specifying the desired access mode (either push replication or remote data access/integration). ScaleOut GeoServer takes care of the rest.

Built-In Performance Scaling

ScaleOut GeoServer uses a fully peer-to-peer architecture to automatically deliver maximum performance. All grid servers at each site participate equally in remote data replication and global data access, maximizing both the throughput and scalability of these operations. Likewise, integrated high availability ensures that data access operations are not interrupted if grid servers in either the local or remote IMDGs should fail. In addition, all local grid servers automatically download and maintain load-balancing information from remote IMDGs to efficiently direct updates to specific remote servers.

Caching of Remote Data

ScaleOut GeoServer automatically caches copies of data that have been accessed from a remote site, and it lets applications conserve WAN bandwidth by configuring how often to refresh cached data over the WAN.

Data Migration on Demand

Because ScaleOut GeoServer uses the IMDG’s distributed locking APIs to globally synchronize updates, ownership of grid data automatically migrates from site to site on demand.

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