ScaleOut Software has developed partnerships with leading technology companies to ensure the success of our customers in a wide range of computing environments and across diverse applications.

Partnerships with Industry-Leading Vendors

ScaleOut Software partners with platform and cloud vendors, OEMs, and resellers. These partnerships focus on helping us deliver products and services that improve the performance, scalability, and operational intelligence of our customers’ mission-critical applications.

Platform Partners

Platform partners provide the core computing hardware and system software needed to power ScaleOut’s in-memory computing products. These partnerships focus on ensuring that our solutions take full advantage of each platform’s performance and scalability features.

Cloud Partners

We tightly integrate with public cloud infrastructures, and the ScaleOut Management Console directly manages cloud computing resources in the following public clouds.

OEM and Reseller Partners

We work closely with our customer-facing partners to deliver joint solutions in specific application domains and geographical locations.

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