Boost Your Archer GRC Performance

Use the Certified ScaleOut StateServer® Connector to add leading-edge
in-memory data management to your Archer applications.

ScaleOut StateServer’s in-memory distributed cache scales to handle
heavy workloads, assures strong data consistency, and is easy to manage.

ScaleOut StateServer® is a leading in-memory distributed cache that boosts application performance and scalability for Archer products.

The integration of ScaleOut StateServer with the Archer GRC suite of products provides a distributed cache that spans the servers running Archer applications, creating an in-memory data store for fast-changing application data. ScaleOut StateServer is designed to manage millions of serialized data objects in memory. Using the RSA-certified connector, Archer applications save, access, and update these objects at memory speed to eliminate database bottlenecks and dramatically reduce access latency.

Your Archer data is mission critical and must be coherent. ScaleOut StateServer ensures that data is always available — even if a server fails — by redundant storage of all objects on at least two servers and automatic self-healing in the event of server or network failure. Unlike other caching products, your data is sequentially consistent, meaning your Archer apps will never access stale data.

To learn more about RSA Archer and ScaleOut Software cooperation visit the Additional Resources page.

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