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Join the growing list of Archer users using ScaleOut StateServer to speed performance.

Useful Links

    • View listing of ScaleOut StateServer Connector on the RSA Link (Exchange) site.



    • Read the RSA Link announcement of the ScaleOut Software integration with associated Q&A.


    • View ScaleOut StateServer documentation.




Proven Archer History
ScaleOut StateServer has been successfully used for over a decade by Archer in its hosted solutions and is now available for your on-premise Archer products.

Integration Benefits

  • Linear performance scaling
  • Strongly coherent data
  • Highly available data
  • Enterprise-grade support
  • Easy to use
Certified by RSA 
The ScaleOut StateServer Connector was developed and is certified by RSA .RSA Archer Caching
Will it Work for Me?
ScaleOut StateServer can be used with all Archer solutions. It will be most beneficial where data integrity is critical and heavy workloads occur. It’s easy to use and battle-tested in hundreds of deployments.

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