AppFabric Caching’s
Final End-of-Life Is Here

  • Easily migrate to ScaleOut StateServer®
  • ScaleOut offers comprehensive resources and support
  • Includes complete AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library

Microsoft discontinued all Windows Server AppFabric (WSAF) Caching support on April 12, 2022.

ScaleOut StateServer® gives you a better option. It’s deployable either on your existing on-premise environment or in the cloud and is much easier to install and manage. Its advanced features go far beyond most distributed caching solutions:

  • Automatic scaling and integrated high availability
  • No need to manage a centralized configuration store
  • Fully peer-to-peer architecture for maximum scalability
  • Powerful, intuitive GUI management tools
  • Distributed, parallel LINQ query
  • In-memory computing for advanced queries
  • Multi-datacenter replication and access

You have two choices for approaching your migration:

  1. Use ScaleOut’s AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library
  2. Migrate to native ScaleOut APIs for extended functionality


Special Pricing
Contact us to learn about our special pricing incentives to make your transition to ScaleOut StateServer economical and stress-free.

Guided Migration Assessment
Contact us if you would like a short 10-minute call to discuss your specific requirements. See our Migration Program page for more details.

Compatibility Library Reference
The WSAF Caching Compatibility Library is a source-code compatible, drop-in replacement for Microsoft AppFabric Caching APIs. See reference document.

Migration Guide
Consult our exclusive, detailed, step-by-step technical migration guide (also available as PDF: AppFabricMigrationGuide).


AppFabric Migration Program

Why ScaleOut Software?

We are experts in .NET and, as a Microsoft Certified Partner, we know the importance of optimizing for the .NET environment.

ScaleOut Software’s products are proven and in daily use at hundreds of mission-critical .NET deployments worldwide. More than a decade of in-memory computing experience and customer collaboration is reflected in our leading-edge technology and dedication to customer success.

ScaleOut’s industry-leading capabilities can meet the most demanding requirements, proven by over 10,000 servers deployed in production.


Consider the Following Comparisons

ScaleOut StateServer®

AppFabric Caching

Redis on Windows 1

Fast access to in-memory object data

Automatic scaling & high availability

Full peer-to-peer architecture
(no centralized configuration store required)

Fully coherent client cache for fast access 2

Parallel compute engine for continuous,
real-time analysis of live data 3

Distributed LINQ query support

Cloud deployment and storage capacity

Unlimited on
Azure, AWS

Azure only

2 host, 53 GB

API languages supported

Java, C++, .NET/C#, any language using REST APIs



Supported OS

Windows, Linux

Windows only


Multi-site replication and global data access

.NET object browser

GUI-based management

PowerShell cmdlet support

Supported commercial product

Years of production deployments




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