AppFabric Migration Program

A step-by-step plan to ensure your success:

1. Assess solution fit

2. Prepare for migration

3. Support your migration

Migration Made Easy

When you migrate away from your current in-memory distributed cache or data grid, you need to minimize risk and ensure success. We have found that a step-by-step approach has worked best for the many customers we have helped migrate to ScaleOut Software. Based on our experience helping AppFabric users make this transition, we have developed a set of best practices that are outlined below.


Key Feature Topics

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Supporting Materials

Learn more about our products by contacting us or browsing the following topics:


Exclusive Offer for AppFabric Migration Customers

AppFabric Caching customers who migrate to ScaleOut StateServer® (two-server or larger configuration) will receive a complimentary license to ScaleOut Management Pack™, which includes:

  • ScaleOut’s GUI-based object browser
  • Fast, parallel backup/restore utility
  • Access to ScaleOut’s APIs for building custom management tools

Contact us to learn more.

Step 1: Assess Solution Fit

A short 10 minute conversation with a member of our team will determine whether ScaleOut Software can meet your requirements. Here are some sample questions we would discuss:

  • What are you using AppFabric for today?
  • What types of applications depend on AppFabric?
  • What features of AppFabric are you currently using?
  • What are the characteristics of your data set?
  • What benefits do you expect to derive from your in-memory data store?
  • What additional functionality would you like to have?
  • Do you intend to run in the cloud or on-premise?
  • Are your applications business/mission critical?
  • What are your requirements for high-availability and scalability?
  • What are your other performance requirements?
  • Do you have unmet needs with your current deployment?

Following our discussion, we can give you immediate feedback on how ScaleOut can meet your needs.


Step 2: Prepare Migration

You have two paths to choose from when planning your migration from AppFabric Caching to ScaleOut StateServer’s in-memory data grid.

Source-code compatible library:

You can migrate to ScaleOut StateServer without making any code changes and use legacy AppFabric APIs in your application as-is with the ScaleOut Windows Server AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library, which is a source-code compatible, drop-in replacement for AppFabric Caching DataCache classes. See the Compatibility Library Reference. ScaleOut StateServer includes aliases to familiar AppFabric PowerShell commands to manage your distributed cache.

Native ScaleOut APIs:

You may choose to retarget your application to use ScaleOut StateServer’s native APIs, which allow the application to take full advantage of ScaleOut StateServer’s powerful functionality. Users also can take a hybrid approach since native ScaleOut StateServer APIs can be used alongside the AppFabric Caching APIs on the same cached data.

We will provide the following:

  • Our exclusive detailed, step-by-step technical migration guide
  • A free 30-day evaluation license for your specific configuration
  • Free technical support for 30 days
  • A wrap-up call with our technical team to determine readiness


Step 3: Support Migration

Once you are ready to migrate, we will be there to assist with your migration to ScaleOut. In this final phase we will provide you with the following:

  • Technical support as part of our standard support and maintenance plan for your new ScaleOut licenses
  • Your license keys
  • A health check following migration


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