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New features enable users to deploy distributed caching with automatic connections and seamless scaling

BELLEVUE, WASH. — June 15, 2023 — ScaleOut Software today announced that its product suite now includes Google Cloud support. Applications running in Google Cloud can take advantage of ScaleOut’s industry leading distributed cache and in-memory computing platform to scale their performance and run fast, data-parallel analysis on dynamic business data. The ScaleOut Product Suite™ is a comprehensive collection of production-proven software products, including In-Memory Database, StateServer, GeoServer, Digital Twin Streaming Service, StreamServer and more. This integration complements ScaleOut’s existing Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure Cloud support to provide comprehensive multi-cloud capabilities.

“We are excited to add Google Cloud Platform support for hosting the ScaleOut Product Suite,” said Dr. William Bain, CEO of ScaleOut Software. “This support further broadens the public cloud options available to our customers for hosting our industry-leading distributed cache and in-memory analytics. Google’s impressive performance enables our distributed cache to deliver the full benefits of automatic throughput scaling to applications.”

Key benefits of ScaleOut’s support for the Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Simplified Deployment and Management: Users can take advantage of the ScaleOut Management Console to deploy a distributed cache to Google Cloud using a step-by-step wizard and track its status.
  • Automatic Clustering: Distributed caches comprising one or more virtual servers automatically create a single compute cluster to serve client requests with both scalability and high availability.
  • Automatic Client Connectivity: Client applications running either within Google Cloud or from remote sites can automatically connect to all caching servers within a cluster just by specifying the cluster’s name.
  • Elastic Performance: Using the management console, users can add or remove virtual servers from a distributed cache to meet the needs of application workloads. In addition, users can implement auto-scaling policies based on performance measures, such as memory usage.

Distributed caches, such as the ScaleOut Product Suite, allow applications to store fast-changing data, such as e-commerce shopping carts, stock prices, and streaming telemetry, in memory with low latency for rapid access and analysis. Built using a cluster of virtual or physical servers, these caches automatically scale access throughput and analytics to handle large workloads. In addition, they provide built-in high availability to ensure uninterrupted access if a server fails. They are ideal for hosting on cloud platforms, which offer highly elastic computing resources to their users without the need for capital investments.

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