Tame Your Data Monster!

Tame Your Data Monster

Track and respond to a million data sources using real-time digital twins.

Tame Your Data Monster

Using streaming analytics to track and respond to thousands of data sources in a live system is a challenge for conventional tools. Whether you are keeping track of a fleet of trucks or sensors in a smart city, the overwhelming amount of incoming telemetry from countless data sources can create a “data monster” that threatens your ability to perform real-time monitoring and maintain the necessary situational awareness.

As the video shows, ScaleOut’s real-time digital twins running in the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ can tame your data monster by separately tracking each data source using dynamic state information. They enable fast introspection on dynamic changes and immediate, focused responses. In addition, real-time digital twins continuously gather information which the streaming service can aggregate and visualize in real time to quickly surface issues and enable strategic responses.

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