ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ Pricing

Straightforward pricing makes it easy to get started.

Just choose your performance level, specify the number of digital twin instances you need, and you are ready to roll.

With the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service you simply choose from five performance tiers to suit the needs of your application. Then you specify the maximum number of digital twin instances you will need. That’s it – you’re done. We will quote you a flat monthly cost. There are no complicated factors or variables that will impact your spending rate – you will pay only the price you’ve been quoted.

With our flexible pricing plans you can start small and scale your usage as your needs increase. In fact, you can get started for as little as $1.05 per hour for 5,000 digital twin instances. That’s about $0.16 per digital twin per month.


Can I Try it for Free?
For a limited time we are offering free trials. Please contact us for details.
How Do I Pay for It?
We offer monthly and annual plans, as well as several payment methods, including monthly credit card charges.
What if My Needs Change?
In most cases your service can be provisioned on short notice to handle changing needs.
Is Support Included?
Product documentation covers routine operations. Support requests can be submitted to our Forum or via Contact.


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Pricing Details

There are five tiers, each with a performance specification. The performance criteria are based on three factors that best define your real-time digital twin use case needs. The factors are:

  • Maximum size of each message from a data source
  • Maximum message frequency from a data source
  • Maximum size of a digital twin instance

Each factor is stated in terms of a maximum provisioning. Maximum needs should be easy to determine since messages should be consistently sized and the frequency of message reporting from data sources should be at regular intervals. Likewise, once a digital twin model is built, its size will be known.

After you’ve chosen a performance level, you separately determine how many digital twin instances you will need. The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service performance scales linearly, so the number of digital twin instances will not affect performance.

That’s all the information we need to give you a price quote.

Performance Tiers

Max Digital Twin Size

Max Message Size

Max Messages per Digital Twin per Second

Tier 1: Evaluation

100 KB

5 KB


Tier 2: Small digital twin | Low throughput

150 KB

10 KB


Tier 3: Moderate digital twin | Moderate throughput

250 KB

25 KB


Tier 4: Moderate digital twin | High throughput

250 KB

50 KB


Tier 5: Large digital twin | High throughput

500 KB

100 KB


Ready to Get Started?

We look forward to discussing a potential digital twin project, answer any questions you have, or just trade ideas on stream processing technology. To request a demo, free trial, a quote, or more information, please contact us

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