Real-Time Device Tracking & Analytics for Azure IoT

Azure IoT Integration

No changes are needed to your Azure IoT deployment. Intuitive rules engine simplifies setup.

Azure IoT Integration

Are you using Azure IoT? If so, activating our new Azure streaming service will add important new capabilities for real-time device tracking and analytics. By individually tracking the state of each of your assets and analyzing its telemetry as it flows through Azure IoT Hub, the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ provides insights in milliseconds, as well as aggregate results in real time that boost situational awareness. This breakthrough service focuses on analyzing the state of your assets, not just tracking the combined incoming data stream. It unlocks high-value use cases like IoT device tracking, predictive maintenance, safety monitoring, security alerts, and many more.

Getting started is easy, and no changes are needed to your current Azure deployment. Because it integrates seamlessly into Azure IoT, the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service complements other Azure IoT services by adding powerful new features for real-time analytics.

It’s this easy:

  • Using our intuitive ScaleOut Rules Engine Development Tool, you simply pick the data properties you would like to track and analyze for each data source, define your analytics with simple business rules (no coding required), and test your model.
  • Then, you set up an account on the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service, link to your Azure IoT Hub account, and deploy.

That’s it; you’re up and running! The streaming service automatically starts tracking each data source (e.g., IoT device) as telemetry is received, and it automatically runs the analysis rules you specify to process incoming messages. Using a built-in dashboard, you can track and visualize the results of your analysis. You also can specify alerts to be sent automatically when triggered by your analysis rules, and you can send control signals directly back to your devices.

Here’s how to learn more about the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service:

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