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Advanced Distributed In-Memory Data Grid and Distributed Caching SoftwareServer-farms and compute grids create unique challenges for managing fast-changing application data, such as session-state, e-commerce shopping carts, and business logic state. Many types of application data need to be instantly accessible across the server farm or grid, even when the number of servers grows to handle heavy processing loads.

ScaleOut Software's in-memory data grid (IMDG) products enable applications to meet these performance demands with fast, scalable distributed caching. Unique query and analysis capabilities provide fast, in-depth insights into cached data, and comprehensive management tools allow data to be examined and archived. Our industry-leading in-memory data grid solution for Java and .NET applications combines:

ScaleOut Software's advanced in-memory data grid products help you meet a wide range of technical and business challenges. Whether you need a scalable storage solution for storing session-state or shopping carts on your ecommerce Web farm or you have to perform lightning fast data analysis of financial data using your compute grid, ScaleOut StateServer's breakthrough technology will eliminate bottlenecks and help you achieve your performance goals.

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ScaleOut Software offers a comprehensive suite of IMDG products. You can compare product editions using our product comparison matrix.  


Learn about what an in-memory data grid is and how it can help applications scale performance and perform fast, parallel data analysis. Review the features and benefits of ScaleOut State Server's IMDG solutions. Read our technology overview and performance test results to learn more about how ScaleOut StateServer industry-leading technology accelerates data access and adds advanced capabilities.

ScaleOut Software provides support for Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms and for most popular programming languages. Our products are designed to deliver peak performance on all operating systems.

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