Do continuous MapReduce on live data.

ScaleOut hServer™ is the first of its kind — an integrated in-memory data grid and computation engine that executes standard Hadoop MapReduce code in-parallel, in-memory. Why is this better than pure Hadoop? First, it’s fast. In benchmark tests it runs 20x faster. Costly trips to disk are eliminated, and it is highly optimized for in-memory computations. And you don't have to learn anything new to use it. You don't even need Hadoop installed to run your standard Hadoop code on ScaleOut hServer!

Because ScaleOut hServer incorporates an in-memory data grid, it can connect to 'live' data sources and enable continuous analysis of fast-changing data. No longer do you need a separate system for your operational data – now you can use Hadoop MapReduce for both your batch data analysis and real-time data analysis within the same architecture.

Finally, ScaleOut hServer comes in a free community edition for use on up to 4 servers or 256GB of data. Download for free below — no registration required!

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