ScaleOut Software Releases COVID-19 Corporate Contact Tracing Demonstration Application


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Application Harnesses the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ to Track Real-Time Data and Help Companies Safely Return to the Office

BELLEVUE, Wash – August 25, 2020ScaleOut Software today released a corporate contact tracing demonstration application to help companies safely return to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic. The application uses the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ and an associated mobile app to help businesses track thousands of daily interactions among employees and promptly notify them when a possible exposure to COVID-19 occurs.

The contact tracing application makes use of new software technology for streaming analytics that enables thousands of data sources to be tracked simultaneously. It creates a “real-time digital twin” for each employee to track their contacts within the organization. When any employee reports a positive COVID-19 result, these real-time digital twins can quickly and easily notify other employees who could have been exposed and require testing. The application also removes non-recurring contacts after exposure is no longer likely.

“Since ScaleOut Software’s founding nearly two decades ago, we have continually advanced our streaming analytics technology to help customers tackle complex problems and now to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. William Bain, ScaleOut Software’s CEO and founder. “Our contact tracing application should prove highly valuable in precisely identifying affected employees and enabling quick action to contain an outbreak across work environments.”

Using Real-Time Digital Twins for Corporate Contact Tracing

ScaleOut Software’s contact tracing application using real-time digital twins runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud and connects to a companion mobile app used by employees. It was designed to be easily integrated into an organizational database and is customizable to meet the specific needs of each company.

Key benefits include:

  • Simultaneously Tracks Thousands of Employees: The application automatically tracks the most common infection scenarios by using the company’s employee database to connect colleagues who work in the same department and interact daily.
  • Easy to Use Mobile Application: Employees need only to manually log contacts they make with people in outside departments to assist with the contact tracing. These interactions are relatively infrequent and are tracked for about two weeks.
  • Notifies Affected Individuals in Seconds: When an employee notifies the mobile app of a positive test for COVID-19, a chain of communication promptly alerts everyone in the corporate environment who has direct or indirect connections with that person.
  • Spots Emerging Outbreaks: Managers can use aggregate analytics to visualize and identify emerging trends in seconds. For example, they can display the number of positive COVID-19 reports and the number of affected employees by department or location. This enables managers to isolate hot spots within a company and take steps to reduce the likelihood of future outbreaks.
  • Helps Local Communities: Employees can also manually track information about the contacts they make while on business travel, such as during airline flights, taxi rides, and meals at restaurants. This option enables companies to assist their communities in contact tracing and to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

For more information, please visit and follow @ScaleOut_Inc on Twitter.

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