CEO William Bain Gives Talk for the Digital Twin Consortium


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On August 1st, ScaleOut CEO Dr. William Bain gave a talk to members of the Digital Twin Consortium entitled “Unlocking the Power of Digital Twins for Streaming Analytics and Simulation of Large Systems.” You can download the slide deck from the link below.

In this talk, Dr. Bain described a new vision for digital twins that takes them beyond traditional applications to address challenges faced by managers of large systems with thousands or even millions of data sources. Digital twins can implement streaming analytics that continuously monitor these complex systems for emerging issues and help managers boost their situational awareness.

Numerous applications can benefit from this new use of digital twins. Examples described in the talk include tracking vehicle fleets and logistics networks, improving the safety of transportation systems, and assisting in disaster recovery.

ScaleOut Software’s in-memory computing technology makes it possible to simultaneously host thousands of digital twins and run both streaming analytics and simulations. The talk explains how this technology adds real-time aggregate analytics while lowering response times and scaling performance.

Download The Presentation Slides

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