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To help prospective users get a feel for the power of in-memory computing, ScaleOut Software has made available a Microsoft Azure cloud-based demo of its in-memory data grid (IMDG) and in-memory computing features. No application development is required. Just click away on the demo’s web page to load the in-memory data grid with objects and run an access workload using ScaleOut StateServer®, perform a data-parallel analysis using ScaleOut ComputeServer®, and process an event-stream with digital twin objects using ScaleOut StreamServer®. Demo statistics indicate the workload running on four virtual servers in the Azure cloud, and performance charts help visualize the grid access rates for various operations.

Here is a snapshot of the Azure demo:

The demo lets users load up to 100,000 1KB objects into an IMDG with four virtual servers. This shows how fast data can be stored and how the IMDG automatically distributes objects across its servers. These objects might hold shopping carts for an ecommerce web site or “digital twin” objects in a stream-processing application. The IMDG’s transparent load-balancing enables scalable, memory-based storage capacity and scalable throughput. This keeps data access fast as the workload grows. Users also can perform access operations on an object stored in the grid to demonstrate how applications would use an IMDG to store and retrieve fast-changing data.

A data-parallel analysis demonstrates the IMDG’s integrated, in-memory compute engine running the widely used algorithm called MapReduce to count the words of English text in Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace. This shows how in-memory data grids can both store fast-changing data objects and analyze them in parallel with low latency and scalable throughput.

Lastly, the demo shows how ScaleOut StreamServer can simultaneously process events from 100K data sources, correlate the events by data source, and direct them to a unique “digital twin” object for each data source. By maintaining dynamic state information for all data sources, the IMDG enables stateful stream processing so that applications can perform deeper introspection than previously possible. Application developers can use the ScaleOut Digital Twin Builder™ software toolkit to simplify the design and deployment of digital twin models for stream processing.

The ScaleOut product suite runs either in the cloud, as demonstrated here, or on premises. Both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud services are fully supported. Either the Windows or Linux operating system can be used for on-premises deployments.

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