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Enable Better Decision-Making and Predictions

With the ability to model thousands of interacting data sources using digital twins and predict likely outcomes faster than real time, ScaleOut’s unique simulation technology gives operational managers important new capabilities in a wide range of industries.


Quickly analyze and resolve operational issues in vehicle fleets


Optimize the dynamics of logistics networks for on-time deliveries


Revolutionize feedback from health-tracking devices with digital twins


Analyze and respond to emerging threats in cyber/physical networks

IoT & Smart Cities

Simultaneously analyze telemetry from thousands of IoT devices

Disaster Recovery

Ensure the effective deployment of assets after a disaster occurs

Digital Twins + IMC = Simulation

ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ is a highly scalable, in-memory computing (IMC) platform that enables analysts and managers to simultaneously model and simulate thousands of interacting data sources with digital twins. Its breakthrough capabilities assist in decision-making prior to deployment and maximize situational awareness for live systems.

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Aggregate & Visualize

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Capture & Replay Live Telemetry

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