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Why spend time learning, configuring and managing Redis’ complexity?
Shouldn’t middleware “just work?”




ScaleOut StateServer®

“Install, manage & maintain” “Install & forget”
Requires extensive configuration and ongoing management. Significant time investment. Automatic everything: discovery, clustering, partitioning, failure detection, healing, load balancing …
Requires 3rd party clients … inconsistent features. You install and configure. Fully integrated, fully coherent clients, all included
Weak consistency model – stale data possible Strong consistency model – never serve stale data
Redis, OS, and 3rd party updates compatible? Unified platform – new releases are tested and fully supported

When you are deploying a distributed cache to host your company’s mission-critical data, you need a product on which you can depend.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose ScaleOut StateServer vs. Redis:

  1. Strong (sequential) consistency model – StateServer will never serve stale data to your application.
  2. Integrated, peer-to-peer distributed caching architecture – no master/slave, no need for separate third-party add-ons.
  3. Industry’s leading ease-of-use with full GUI management, automatic configuration and dynamic object load-balancing.
  4. Fully coherent data storage and access using patented quorum-based data replication so that cache updates are never lost.
  5. Integrated, shard-aware client libraries in Java, C#, and C++ with built-in client-side caching.
  6. Multi-site, WAN-based data replication (using optional ScaleOut GeoServer®) that automatically scales with your caching cluster.
  7. Integrated real-time, stateful streaming analytics (via upgrade to ScaleOut StreamServer™).
  8. World-class, highly-responsive support, provided by the engineers who built the product.
  9. Robust, battle-tested for 14 years, hundreds of customers, thousands of server instances deployed.
  10. Easy, straightforward licensing model for on-premise or cloud deployments.


No Stale Data – Ever
Redis’ eventual consistency can result in stale data. All operations in ScaleOut StateServer are sequentially consistent, including create / read / update / delete (CRUD), local and WAN replication, client caching and data parallel computing tasks.

Data coherency is assured with our patented quorum-based data replication. Cache updates are never lost.

Enterprise-Grade Support
ScaleOut Software’s products are supported by the experts that develop them, giving customers access to deep domain expertise. New features are customer-driven and new releases are fully tested.
Evaluation License
Download a 30-day evaluation license for your specific configuration or talk to our sales staff to structure an evaluation that meets your needs.


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What sets ScaleOut apart from Redis?

The answer is simple — architecture. Redis originally was designed to replace a SQL database with a single server, in-memory, data structure store to cache data generated by a local website. Its single process, single threaded design focused on combining data structure operations with an in-memory cache. However, the key features required by a distributed cache had to be bolted on later by third parties.

In contrast, ScaleOut StateServer was conceived as a scalable, distributed, in-memory data store with integrated data consistency, sharding, scaling, and high availability. This led to a robust, highly reliable architecture that incorporates the latest industry-leading technology and minimizes management costs.

Take a look at how ScaleOut and Redis compare:



Why It’s Important

Integrated architecture

Simplifies management; maximizes performance

Self-discovery & configuration

Simplifies management; auto. scales & recovers

Multicore support

Maximizes performance; reduces complexity

Sequential consistency

Required to host mission-critical information

Quorum-based replication

Ensures serving latest data with max. performance

Split-brain detection & recovery

Avoids serving duplicate or stale data

Adaptive, scalable heartbeating

Adapts to high latency; minimizes overhead

Coherent client cache

Simplifies application design; avoids stale data

Integrated client sharding

Simplifies apps. & management; enables interop.

Centralized GUI mgt.

Lowers management costs

Server-side Java, C# scripting

Allows distributed data structures; protects server

Auto-scaling WAN replication

Simplifies management; delivers best performance

Integrated parallel computing

Enables real-time analysis of grid data (e.g., MapRed)

Integrated ReactiveX operations

Enables scalable stream processing

In production use for 12+ years

Ensures reliability for mission-critical applications

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