Rapidly Develop Your Hadoop Code

"I once found myself trying to debug a job that took a full six hours to fail. It took more than a week -- a whole week! -- to find and fix the problem. Of course, I was doing other things at the same time, but the need to constantly check up on the status of the job was a huge drain on my energy and productivity. It was a Very Bad Week." — Abe Gong, Hadoop Developer

ScaleOut hServer™ enables you to develop your code rapidly with results in seconds — before it goes into batch. What's more, ScaleOut hServer comes in a free community edition for use on up to 4 servers or 256GB of data, indefinitely. Never worry again that your lengthy Hadoop job will have to be restarted due to a tiny mistake in your Hadoop code. Just load a subset of data into ScaleOut hServer and iterate until you get the results you want. And you don't have to learn anything new to use it. You don't even need Hadoop installed to run standard Hadoop code on ScaleOut hServer!

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